Integrated treatment modalities

At Coast Bodyworks, we team with Dr. Patten of Patten Family Chiropractic to help each and every person individually.  Massage is targeted and symptom-specific to achieve long-term results.  After thorough examination with the doctor  a diagnosis and plan is made. Dr. Patten then sits down with the therapist and the two come up with the fastest and most comfortable treatment we can give, or make necessary referral as needed.

What we do is bodywork.  There are some more specific names to the therapy we offer, but the key thing to know is this:  We find a problem, develop a plan to fix it and we fix it.  



We specialize in advanced planning and treatment for those suffering with many issues, but some of the more common we encounter are:  Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Restless Leg Syndrome.   


Here, we have listed some of the more common treatment modalities used in the clinic.

Myofascial Release,  NMR,  Hot & Cold Stones, Graston Technique,  Active release Technique,  Chiropractic Manipulation, Nutritional Therapy, Hot / cold therapy, Diathermy, Electric Stimulation and Ultrasound.

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